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Experts at coordinating the right trades partners for your projects!



RHC Workforce Solutions are experts at Trade Partner Coordination and Workforce Planning.  Our Team of Specialists are great at recruiting the right tradesmen for the right project!  We want to help you meet your project goals.  By partnering with RHC Workforce Solutions, our clients can react quickly to changes in their manpower needs in order to keep their projects running on schedule, while saving time and money.  Additionally by partnering with us, we may be able to assist you with your supplier diversity and workforce development goals.  

RHC Workforce Solutions is 100% privately held woman owned company.  We are professionally certified holding MBE, SBE, WBE, DBE and Hub certifications.

Trade Coordination & Supplier Inclusion

RHC Workforce Solutions will customize a team of tradesmen for you to help you meet your projects deadlines.  We want to help you succeed on-time every-time. 


When we help our clients achieve their goals, we build long-term relationships out of reliability, honesty, and trust.  RHC Workforce Solutions goes above and beyond to form lasting relationships with our clients.  We believe in a unified comprehensive approach that assist our clients with their project completion on time and every time. 



For companies: How do I get started? There is no cost to get your company registered with RHC Workforce Solutions, and our project labor agreement and credit application are simple forms that can be completed in minutes. Once we have your paperwork, you are under no obligation to use RHC Workforce Solutions, it simply gives you the ability to pick up the phone and place a work order with us.


RHC Workforce Solutions only provides tradesmen who has a proven record, seek full-time work on projects, and want to establish a long term relationship.   We go above and beyond to form lasting relationships with our clients. 


For Trade Partners: How do I get started?  When you sign with RHC Workforce Solutions, you will need to go through our prequalification process and apart of our team of professionals. 

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Project Recruitment & Labor

Are you finding it difficult to find great project labor?  Let our Project Coordinators conduct a demand analysis for you.  It involves an analysis to understand your project's current and future workforce requirements. 

Questions to consider

  • What drivers affect my project workload?

  • When is the project starting and will the employee need background checks?

  • How is workload measured from service to service?

  • How many staff are needed to deliver each service?

  • What percentage of an FTE's time is required to deliver a service/product?

  • Are there anticipated changes in technology, policies, regulations, or customer base that would affect workload demand?

  • How would workload in each service line be impacted by those changes?

  • How would changes in FTEs affect workload in my organization?

  • What opportunities are there to leverage resources?


Let us help you with your project.  Simply tell us which trades you need assistance with, what type of specialized skill are you looking for, how many employees you’ll require, and we’ll be happy to handle your requests with ease.

Contact us now to start trade partner coordination and project staff the right manpower for your needs.

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Trade Partner Coordination: Employers
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