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Corporate & Private Partnerships

Public Partnerships

RHC Workforce Solutions has years of experience in the commercial construction sectors where Government and Institutions partnerships are most prevalent, including water treatment and utilities, airports, correctional facilities, government office buildings, healthcare, and mass transit/rail.  



Educational Partnerships

Whether public or private in nature, our goal with each project is to ensure that local school districts, teachers, parents and students have a beautiful and highly praised facility that they will be proud of for years to come.  


RHC Workforce Solutions partners with several school districts and universities to work on their construction projects that includes design build, expansion and renovation, and installation and repair.

Aviation, Utilities, & Wastewater

RHC Workforce Solutions has the experience and expertise to offer clients across industries unique turnkey solutions.  Our services are focused on airport, wastewater, power, heavy manufacturing, mechanical and petrochemical industries.  

Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Retail

RHC Workforce Solutions is a professional in the construction industry who completes projects for various clients.  


Urban Skyline
Building Exterior

Healthcare and Multi-use Units


Hospitals, Medical Offices, and Diagnostic Centers

RHC Workforce Solutions has been completing state of the art healthcare facilities and projects for years.  We understand the importance of staying up to date with the latest changes in healthcare regulations and becoming familiar with complex medical systems to ensure the highest quality project for you, your staff and your patients.  

We also have experience with general contracting services for diagnostic centers and private patient beds which includes facility constructed systems and equipment to support digital imaging, electronic medical records and other high-tech methods to be implemented to make the facility more efficient.

Multi Use Buildings, Prefabricated Housing, Modular Units

Psychiatric Care Centers, Women Centers, Long-term Care Facilitates, Assisted Living, Senior Living, and Affordable Housing are just a few of the projects that applied BIM to eliminate any potential unknown issues.  With experience and expertise, we worked within the plan of assembling and installation before real construction began.


Our Team understands the complexity of building in sensitive environments.  We embrace a tailored approach to manage all sizes and kinds of projects.

Modular, Prefabrication, Manufactured 


From modular warehouses to retail walls, guardhouses, or final assembly of units, RHC Workforce Solutions has worked with the best in class modular and prefabrication construction companies.


Modular or prefabricated construction is not a new concept, but technological improvements, economic demands, and changing mind-sets mean it is attracting an unprecedented wave of interest and investment.

Modular construction offers the industry an opportunity to make a step change: shifting many aspects of building activity away from traditional construction sites and into factories with off-site, manufacturing-style production.

Projects: Why Choose Us
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