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Prefabrication: Why Choose Us



RHC Workforce Solutions has more than two-decades of manufacturing, assembly, and production experience.  Our expertise includes the entire production cycle of converting raw materials into finished products and installation.



Experienced in manufacturing, assembly, and production.


  • Wood, Steel, Concrete, and Modular Prefabrication

  • Biopharma Manufacturing

  • Tangible Flow Filtration (TFF) single use to multi-use

  • Medical Device Manufacturing

  • Industrial Manufacturing and Goods

  • Manufactured Units and Multi-use

  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA)

  • Electro Mechanical Equipment

  • Production Part Assembly

  • Make to Stock, Make to Order, Make to Assemble

  • Offsite Modular Designed

  • Machine Designed

  • MEP system assemblies

  • Bathroom pods, Warming Cabinets

  • Health care headwall assemblies

  • Interior and exterior wall panels

  • Assemble and Install 

  • Sub-assemble parts and components for your production line

  • Manufacturing, Assembly and Packaging 

  • Modular Units and Structures

  • Millwork and Joinery Manufacturing

  • Batch Process Manufacturing

  • Craft and Customized Production

Metallic Structure

Got any questions for us? Want to learn more about our special features? Call today to find out how we can help you.

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