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Sustainability and Global Green Technologies


RHC Workforce Solutions focuses on a broad spectrum of sustainability and global green technologies.  Our clients represent diverse industries including but not limited to Construction, Energy Efficiency Green Building, Renewable Energy, Waste Management and Recycling, Medical and Industrial Manufacturing, Public Infrastructure, and Sustainable Transportation.




The advantages of partnering with RHC Workforce Solutions lie in our experience within the construction and sustainability industry as well as our unique ability to provide qualified personnel across the entire government and institution sectors.  By partnering with us, your organization will experience the following advantages:

​​Customized Training and Development Services – Reskilling and Upskilling provide opportunities for Employers to help Employees grow within their organizations while maintaining a stable workforce in this ever changing business environment

Nationwide Resources – Your organization will benefit from our experience in doing business nationally.


Scalability – RHC Workforce Solutions can tailor our services to meet the specific requirements to meet each manpower need.


Government Expertise – Our Team understands the processes and challenges of state and federal government facilities.  We have the knowledge and experience to help your organization succeed in this complex market.


Operational Efficiencies – Our ability to rapidly manage a range of operational changes are benefits to our clients.  You benefit from our market knowledge and the individual attention of a small business.


Workforce Development: About
Construction Engineer


  Construction Health Certified & EPA Sustainable Energy Trained


Workforce Labor Agreements

Our unique business model makes it easy for companies to partner with us for their skilled trades needs.  RHC Workforce Solutions' network of Trade Partners has been providing quality services for more than 20 years. That means we look for ways to continuously improve our systems, processes, and culture to perform at a higher level.


Benefits of partnering with RHC Workforce Solutions.


  • Gives you the ability to focus on your project’s core functions

  • Predicts labor cost

  • Professional general contractors and tradespeople

  • Improves personnel support and dependable staff

  • Allows you to streamline processes

  • Helps you to meet your project goals without the hassle of finding skilled workers.

  • Lowers employee and company costs


Workforce Planning and Trades Coordination

Our Team brings more than 20 years of industry experience.  We are keenly aware of the smallest details of our clients and safeguard the well-being of each client.  Our proprietary screening process only approves the most professional, experienced, and proven staff.  The experience of our Team allows us to understand streamlined processes, technology, safety regulatory requirements, employment laws, and industry market trends. 

Human Capital Strategic Consulting

With over 20 years of construction and consulting experience, RHC Workforce Solutions has been providing our clients with effective support through goal-directed planning, quality performance, timely deliverables, and cost-effective cost control. 



Flexible Solutions

RHC Workforce Solutions can customize a training program specifically for your company to meet your employees' professional development needs. You will have access to our highly qualified team of professionals and the resources that you might not otherwise have access to.


Dedicated Project and Account Managers

Our clients receive an Account Manager that will manage your service plans from start to finish.  Any questions you have regarding your employees will be directed to your Account Manager who can give you a direct answer.  As a corporate partner, we provide a host of HR support services to effectively manage risk mitigation responsibilities. 




Workforce Development: Welcome
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