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About RHC Workforce Solutions


RHC Workforce Solutions is an award-winning professional services and certified woman-owned business. The company specializes in workforce development apprenticeship learning, sustainable construction and manufacturing, and project risk management.  Its focus rests on new design, expansion and renovation, prefabrication and assembly, installation and repair projects.


RHC Workforce Solutions is experienced in managing the overall project coordination, OSHA safety and emergency risk management, H1B and re-entry management, trade partner coordination, and workforce development planning. Their fully integrated operational organization provides a full spectrum of services that has a proven versatility with a carefully coordinated hands-on team of professionals.

Further, they are committed to continuously increasing the collaboration of small businesses, veterans, minority owned, and women owned companies. That means, customers have access to a full complement of qualified contractors to augment capabilities, which enables them to meet project requirements.  RHC Workforce Solutions is a client-focused solution firm, engaging in projects from inception to completion in compliance with quality, health, and safety regulations. 


RHC Workforce Solutions is guided by their core values to deliver on their mission through innovation, sustainability, diversity, efficiency and safety.

​Mission:  To build creative and diverse teams, bring innovation to every project, and make sustainable products.  To make an impact in communities where we work and live.


Vision:  To be the global leader of workforce development sustainable construction and manufacturing; To promote the advancement of women and STEM careers.  


Goal:  Provide great service by building long-term relationships out of reliability, hard-work, and capability.  To continuously deliver powerful solutions and drive differentiated results, while making an impact in our communities through workforce development apprenticeship learning and socio-economic upward mobility.




RHC Workforce Solutions is 100% privately held woman owned company.  We are professionally certified, hold several trade licensures, and bring more than 20 years of industry experience.


RHC Workforce Solutions Corporate Citizenship

Giving back is at our very core.  RHC Workforce Solutions believe that businesses have the power to inspire and transform lives.  To make an impact that matters, we focus on education, giving, skill-based volunteerism, and leadership to help drive positive social impact in our communities.  We know everyone benefits from activities supporting health, welfare, character building, education, and culture. 


Learn more about our community partnerships and collaborative opportunities to enhance health equity and economic mobility. 


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