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About RHC Workforce Solutions


RHC Workforce Solutions is a dynamic, forward-thinking workforce development firm specializing in skilled trades within various industries including construction, manufacturing, renewable energy, and global green technologies.  Our Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship programs empower individuals, support industries, and contribute to the growth of a skilled and sustainable workforce.


The company's proactive approach to talent acquisition and strategic job training initiatives ensures that businesses access the right expertise, fostering productivity and achieving project milestones effectively. RHC Workforce Solutions serves as a catalyst for companies seeking tailored workforce solutions, promoting growth and excellence in their projects.


It is our goal to provide our customers with a reliable, hard-working, and capable workforce, products, and solutions. 





RHC Workforce Solutions is a 100% woman-owned certified company.  The company is nationally certified, holds several trade licensures, and has more than two decades of industry experience.


RHC Workforce Solutions Corporate Citizenship

​Giving back is at our very core.  RHC Workforce Solutions believes that businesses have the power to inspire and transform lives.  To make an impact that matters, we focus on education, giving, skill-based volunteerism, and leadership to help drive positive social impact in our communities.  We know everyone benefits from activities supporting health, welfare, character-building, education, and culture. 

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