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Thank you for your interest in doing business with us.  RHC Workforce Solutions is committed to completing the highest quality work in a timely deliverable manner that is cost efficient utilizing safe methods.  Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. 


At RHC, we want to partner with exceptional people, have trusting relationships, design and manufacture great projects, and build strong communities.  Valuing others is essential to our company, so for us, valuing diversity, equity, and representation is more than a company commitment.  It’s a way of building relationships that helps us live our purpose in our daily work.  And the results speak for themselves. Our programs, employees, and communities are strengthened by an inclusive culture and enhanced by the experiences and perspectives of a diverse workforce.

We are committed to continuously increasing our collaboration with small businesses, veterans, minority owned, and women owned companies. Our efforts to provide mentor-ship and access to business opportunities through our projects and corporate operations are a key focus of our Supplier Representation Strategy.



In a similar fashion, our partnerships with organizations such as the National Association of Women in Construction and Manufacturing, the National Association of Women Business Owners, Metrolina Minority Contractors Association, Chamber of Commerce, and the National Supplier Minority Development Council are just a few ways that we collaborate to promote our Supplier Representation efforts.  They provide pathways for us to champion diversity and representation in our workforce, throughout our company, and corporate partnerships. 




Help us with our socio-economic upward mobility equity goal by employing a student or participating as a Host Employer.  RHC Workforce Solutions' job readiness and apprenticeship programs allow students to have a career pathway to on-the-job certifications and in-demand licensed trades.  Submit a Work Order request HERE.  


Employers that hire from our programs may receive up to 6-months of employment salary and tax credits.  See us for details.  

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