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Project Management: Job Seekers

Lean Project Management

LEAN and Six Sigma



We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. With RHC Workforce Solutions, our clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency and exceptional results.


Our Project Team constantly strives for ways to innovate and build more efficiently.  Our method encourages collaboration that delivers high quality impact, safety, cost, and schedules.

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Sustainability and LEED Practices

Commitment to Sustainability


Our commitment to sustainability is a daily opportunity to impact the future through responsible practices that are good for the environment, our industry, and our communities.

Sustainable practices lower operations costs and reduce operational and financial risks by encouraging a more thoughtful and efficient use of resources. Because those benefits make sense, we implement LEED practices whenever possible, beginning with an integrated process that brings the client and design team together to determine feasibility and long-term costs

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Trades Partner Coordination and Safety

A Network of Self Performance Trade Partners

Our network of skilled Trade Partners are efficient, experienced, and knows what it takes to manage the proper workflow for a productive jobsite.

Experience has also taught us to do things the right way, with safety as our primary field focus. As part of our efforts, work-based learning incorporates safety training as an essential component rather than as a stand-alone topic. For example, during elevated framework training, we teach fall protection as an integral part of elevated formwork construction. Training also includes safety best practices, safety planning, and safety culture training.

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Supplier Diversity and Inclusion (DEI&B)

The importance of inclusion in the workplace



An effective supplier representation program can provide multiple benefits for companies, including enhanced innovation, profitability, and the ability to attract and retain qualified minority and female employees.


To achieve diversity in workforce planning, RHC Workforce Solutions and its partners created and implemented a comprehensive and robust series of strategies that address elements from all three sides—demand, supply, and monitoring.



Skill Building, Apprentice and Internships, On-the-Job Training and Placement




At RHC Workforce Solutions, we believe in maximizing community partnerships and collaborative opportunities to enhance economic stability for transitioning youths at-risk, low-skilled workers, and military veterans in need of support services and job readiness skills for employment.



We use work-force development to increase their skill levels so they can compete for higher paying jobs.  We provide access to equal -- on the job education opportunities, resume writing, interview techniques workshops, training and development, and mentorship to achieve success.

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Project Management: Service
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