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Leading the way in sustainability skilled trades apprenticeships and workforce development services.


RHC Workforce Solutions is a nationally certified workforce development firm specializing in skilled trades. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified through our Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship programs, fostering growth in various industries including construction, manufacturing, renewable energy, and global green technologies.



RHC Workforce Solutions optimizes project production goals for companies by streamlining skilled trades talent acquisition and offering targeted job training initiatives. Leveraging a robust network of qualified professionals, RHC ensures a seamless match between companies and skilled workers, enhancing project efficiency and success.  To get started, submit your Work Order request HERE


Excellence and Success

RHC Workforce Solutions focuses on a broad spectrum of sectors including but not limited to sustainable transportation, medical and industrial manufacturing, and public infrastructure.

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Strategic Consulting Services

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Workforce Development & Talent Acquisition - Skilled Trades Talent Acquisition Programs and Department of Labor Apprenticeships for certified and non-certified careers.  We can tailor a job training program specifically for your company to help you with your talent acquisition needs.  Submit a Work Order request HERE

Workforce Planning – We specialize in the overall planning process including OSHA safety, reentry management, scheduling, and deadline completion goals. We can offer a unique approach when we assist our clients with planning, implementing, and monitoring their workforce.

Diversity & Representation (DEI&B) – RHC Workforce Solutions has a full complement of qualified Trade Partners to augment your capabilities.  We are committed to continuously increasing collaboration with small businesses, veterans, minority-owned, and women-owned companies.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency (LEED Practices) - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design encourages sustainability. Our commitment to sustainability is a daily opportunity to impact the future through responsible practices that are good for the environment, our industry, and our communities. 

LEAN – From its inception, RHC Workforce Solutions practiced a lean approach to building and manufacturing. Lean improves process efficiency, quicker completion deadlines, and higher quality while minimizing risk.  

Safety – Safety is our top priority so it’s also our top value, and at RHC Workforce Solutions, it’s everyone’s responsibility. To emphasize our responsibility, our “SEE IT, OWN IT, SOLVE IT, DO IT” initiative reflects our emphasis on the essential role each of us plays in creating an injury-free environment.  To broaden our impact, we share best practices with our industry peers and trade partners.  Every Staff and Trade Partner is OSHA trained, and each project is site safety trained -- EVERY TIME.   

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

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At RHC Workforce Solutions, we want to partner with exceptional people, have trusting relationships, design and manufacture great projects, and build strong communities. Our projects, employees, and communities are strengthened by an inclusive culture and enhanced by the experiences and perspectives of a diverse workforce.

We are committed to continuously increasing our collaboration with small businesses, veterans, minority owned, and women-owned companies. Our efforts to provide mentorship and access to business opportunities through our projects and corporate operations are a key focus of our Supplier Representation Strategy.


Workforce Development Services

Certified Woman-owned Business


Let our Workforce Development Coordinators conduct a demand analysis for you.  It involves an interview to understand your company's current and future workforce requirements. Call for details on how we can help your organization.

Skilled Trades and Green Apprenticeships 

Skilled Trades Talent Acquisition Programs and Department of Labor Apprenticeships for certified and non-certified careers..  Our evidence-based job training and professional development programs provide career pathways for in-demand certifications and licensed trades. 

Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning  

Here at RHC Workforce Solutions, we focus on sourcing best-in-class tradespeople. Our Team of Professionals are experts at recruiting the right people for the right job!   We can assist companies with their labor shortages by developing skilled workers to meet their deadline completion goals.  Submit a Work Order request HERE

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Our Trade Partners can complete many scopes of work to augment your workforce needs.

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Get in touch to learn more about how our trade experts can help you. Whatever it is you need, we’re here for you!

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